200/300 capsules per minute

The table speed of the rotary table is of 50 cycles per minute for 10, 12 or 16 stations. With four tracks 200 are the produced coffee capsules per minute or soluble products  in general.

With the same machine but with six tracks, the productivity, always at 50 cycles and for capsules Nespresso compatible only, it will be 300 capsules per minute.
The machine can process different designs of compatible capsules, as molded as thermoformed and for specific models of capsules can be also supplied with the machine,  kit or outfit to suit different capsules. 

The machine performs assembling operations of rigid parts or diaphragm or bottom cover of the same materials, providing thermal or ultrasonic welding. All the other technical characteristics are the same of the 50/100 capsules per minute production machine.

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