200/400/600 capsules per minute

In this fully mechanically operated machine the conveyor belt of capsules transport and the central shaft for the motion of the linear arms are all controlled by a single motor in mechanical synchronism, as for the rotary platform in order to ensure all the reliability, accuracy and simplicity of operation typical of mechanical machines.
The nominal speed of the conveyor is 50 cycles per minute and this speed can be also increased and decreased in the synchronous machine, depending on the type of packaging process (type of capsule, grams of coffee or soluble product, welding and filling times, assembling of parts , critical  controls to be provided, etc.).
The machine can process different models of compatible capsules, either molded or thermoformed and for specific models of capsules can be also supplied with the machine, kit or outfit to suit different capsules.
At each linear station, the machine performs a specific operation and in the subsequent steps takes place always the control of the operation. Normally is a mechanical control, but also electronic or pneumatic are possible during all packaging process phases.
The machines can also provide for the cutting or punching perforated film, filter paper or aluminum foils and the consequent welding on the bottom or intermediate or top capsule. The loading of the capsules into the machine it can be provided as by a manual loading buffer or with automatic sorter with hopper (vibration, gravitational, centrifugal system or other)
The machine always provides automatic control of the weight through the dosing system by means of very precise loading cells and the final weight of the capsule by a specific control loop algorithm. Furthermore, the option of washing capsules with nitrogen or inert gas is available for all models and the capsules sealing process runs in a modified atmosphere during all phases of dosing and capsules filling.
Moreover, the control of top film positioned and welded will be controlled by camera system or with sensors of ultimate generation to ensure a safe and finished quality control.
Finally the remote modem connection (VPN) is the easy option which allows a remote link with the command operator panel of machine, two points connection  between end user and our service department, for a full and reliable assistance and support all the time. All machines, under a specific customer request, can be completed by the coffee mill or the end line as packaging flow pack as carton boxes.

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